How to Create a Business that Doesn’t Rely on You

Najib started his Great Tel business in 2011. At the time, he was the only employee. In less than a decade, he has built a business that brought in nearly a million dollars in revenue with more than 10 staff. Nowadays, he no longer has to work to money. He has set up a system […]

How to Make it on the Big and Small Screen

In this special episode, former CTV producer and host Saba Hailemariam shares her journey to the Big Screen. Now based in LA, Saba also opens up about her journey to the entertainment capital of the world and what it takes to make it in a very crowded market.

Learn How to Become a Filmmaker

Hollywood is an exciting world that has shaped all of our lives in so many ways. Filmmakers are more than people who stand behind cameras, they are influencers who have the power to change society in so many ways. In our effort to help the community and young people pursue their passion, we are now […]